S’LAB Accelerating Transition

The S’LAB is one of the platforms of services at HEC Liège,
created to accelerate the integration of societal transformation
in all aspects of HEC Liège.

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How we address transition

The S’LAB aims to encourage our community to further integrate ERS issues (Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability) into their daily work and to differentiate HEC Liège, by making our existing expertise more visible and by developing new ones.

We aim to raise awareness of the values of sustainable development among the entire university community (students, faculty, management staff and partners) and to foster a healthy and respectful environment, promoting well-being and responsible behavior, via :


The scarcity of natural resources, climate change, and the persistence of socio-economic inequalities are some of the reasons that compel us to rethink our business models from the perspective of sustainable development.

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As a business school aware of its impact on society, HEC Liège has translated ERS related concerns into the competences targeted by all our programs.

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Service to Community

The S’Lab stimulates exchanges between actors in and around
HEC Liège, in the field of sustainable transition, by supporting and favoring various initiatives.

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