Students should become conscious of ethical, societal, economic, political, and environmental issues.
One of the objectives of all the programs at HEC Liège is thus to enhance an ethical and socially responsible behavior that contributes to orienting the company’s activities towards achieving societal benefits, minimizing negative externalities, and complying with the principles of good governance.

In every cycle, we offer courses focusing on ERS

At the bachelor level, these subjects are integrated within broader courses outlining the societal context in which companies evolve.
They are also treated within more specialized courses devoted to these issues.

At the master and PhD levels, challenges in addressing ERS within economic activities are even more explicitly addressed.
Throughout the bachelor and master programs, all our students have the opportunity to follow workshops organized within the framework of the Skills Portfolio program.
Most of the organized workshops of this program are directly or indirectly related to ERS concerns.

Moreover, HEC Liège offers a pioneering specialization in Management of Social and Sustainable Enterprises within the 120-credit master program in Management and a 60-credit specialized master program in “Social Economy” in collaboration with UCLouvain.
Besides, the School ensures lifelong learning internally and externally through its Executive School.

Yasemin Arda
Academic Director