Evolution of our initial facilities

Our initial facilities are made of two buildings: one built in 1993 and a 17th century heritage building.

We dedicate a specific attention to the regular maintenance of these facilities, keeping in mind a double-objective: to reduce our environmental footprint and to favor well-being for our students and staff.

Some recent actions consisted in :

  • Replacing the old boilers by a new condensing gas boiler (which will also be used for the new buildings);
  • Replacement of the parking lot lighting with LED lighting;
  • Installation of water fountains in the meeting rooms to encourage water consumption and diminish single-use plastic bottles and cans use;
  • Responsible upgrading of 41 computers in our main computer room, allowing to achieve the same performance as purchasing new equipment, with a positive environmental impact (only evolutionary parts were replaced - the old ones are reused or recycled), social impact (replacement operations were carried out by an Adapted Work Company) and financial impact (the refurbishment cost less than a complete replacement for a similar performance);
  • A wellness room for staff has been set and an awareness session organized. An ergonomist and a prevention advisor met people on demand at their workstation, to analyze and improve their work environment;
  • Yoga classes are organized every Friday during lunchtime;
  • Etc.

Diminishing our environmental footprint, as well as favoring well-being among our communities are a common thread in our infrastructures.