STOP Waste!

Last December, the STOP Waste campaign came to an end.

ONE whole year, filled with various actions to raise awareness and to help us reduce our waste production on campus and minimize waste, in general: an original collaboration between the S'LAB and the Communication department of HEC Liège.

In short, the campaign was a mixture of successes and - let's face it - more mixed results. Let's take the time for a brief recap, as presented during a sustainable breakfast at HEC Liège on Thursday April 4:

Our proposition throughout 2023

  • 12 news, at the beginning of each month, according to the "Theme of the month";
  • 12 quizzes, to raise awareness on facts and to engage the whole community to act as responsible citizens, on campus and outside;
  • 5 workshops, to explore a specific theme linked to our daily, sometimes unconsciously excessive, activities on campus;
  • 4 challenges, to encourage us to improve our daily practices;
  • 11 collects, to make sense, to recycle, to revalue, to preserve our environment;
  • 3 communication campaign, to raise awareness, again and again;
  • 1 OXFAM exhibition and two film-debates, to increase awareness of the excesses of fast fashion;
  • Various awareness activities via courses and challenges.

Not to mention the upstream collaboration with the various services in the logistics chain:
HEC logistics team, maintenance services, ARI, city services, etc. Many thanks to all for your help.

Among our TOP actions, we keep in mind :

  • Organic Waste : 405 kg collected over 9 months by our volunteers;
    A special applause to the Cafèt'students for joining us in this daily collection;
  • Terre Bubble : 946 kg collected over 6 months, in addition to the 120 kg collected and distributed to local associations;
    The Bubble is still on our parking, waiting for your donations of clothes and chasusures in good condition, in closed bags (important detail);
  • Megothon : 11 kg collected over 45 minutes;
    A special applause to the Assoc', OIC' students and colleagues for joining us in this difficult collection, under November rain;
  • New instructions for written work : +/- 3,5 kg plastic saved by work, in place since the beginning of this Academic year;
  • A special applause to the Centrale, for ending double sided Syllabi printed : 14 000 pages saved in 2023;
  • Reorganization and improvement of the waste disposal chain.

Summary of HEC community involvement

  • 879 actual participation in our actions (evaluation - number obviously underestimated);
  • Quiz : 382 participants;
  • During the carbon footprint calculation organized by the ULiège Green Office on the occasion of World Climate Day, HEC accounted for 67% of the total number of participants at ULiège;
  • Many teams dedicated energy  to make this campaign a success - special thanks to the cleaning team for their daily efforts.

Bravo and thank you to each of you !

Perception survey

Such a campaign, over one year, involving two departments and around 1000 participants would not make sense without an evaluation.

Over 10 days, in February 2024, we gathered the opinions of 104 community members (staff and students), using a perception survey.
More information to come soon - thanks for your patience

For more information, do not hesitate contact us: &

What's next?

Various actions are still under process, such as :

  • Regular reminders of good practices;
  • Redaction and approval of a charter for more sustainable events;
  • Installation of additional sorting garbage can units
  • A shared printer project;
  • For a cleaner neighborhood, annual spring cleaning in collaboration with ULiège Green Office and BeWapp;
  • ...

Last but not least, we firmly hope that all the seeds that were disseminated all over 2023 year will go on germinate inside and beyond the limits of HEC Campus, for a growing impact.

Would you like to help?

Contact for more information and join our network of sustainability ambassadors (under construction).