In November 2022, ULiège acts within the framework of COP 27, an international event in favor of the climate!

On this occasion, ULiège’s 25,000 students and 5,000 staff members are invited to calculate their carbon footprint.
Discover how to do it here  and scan the QR code of the image presented after the video.

🌿  In order to limit the carbon footprint of this video, we invite you to watch it in low or medium definition (90 sec.)  🌿
This activity is offered by the Green Office – and supported by HEC Liège S’LAB and is offered simultaneously in many courses at ULiège, but also in other universities and colleges in Belgium!

Click on the QR code hereafter and  calculate your personal carbon footprint.
Then you scan the second QR code and you will be taken to a form where you can enter the value of your carbon footprint on the RTBF website. Then copy your result and past it in the Framaform here and chose 3 actions that will help you to diminish your footprint.

As a last step, you have the opportunity to register on the ALAYA  platform, that aims at boosting the commitment of our university community to sustainable development. 

🌿 Thank you on behalf of The planet Earth, the Green Office and the S’LAB 🌿